Ben writes with a realistic feel in what he describes by using his varied life experiences as a guide, along with the insight gained from long friendships with the many extraordinary people he has called ‘friend’.

Ben H English - Hiking in the Big Bend
Ben H English – Hiking in the Big Bend

Always the explorer with a strong attachment to the Big Bend, he continues to spend his spare time hiking the miles upon miles of back country found in the area state and national parks. Sometimes, he goes where no trail leads just to see what might be on the other side. His writing is the culmination of decades spent in such prowling about, as well as walking the many other paths and trails his life has taken him upon.

When put together, these many experiences serve as rich, fertile ground for Ben’s latest career as an author. The great Louis L’Amour once said to “write what you know”, and Ben has carried that advice into his own personal efforts. When he writes about a zag in a canyon wall, or an 800 yard shot with .308 rifle, or the feel of a car at 150 MPH plus, or what it feels like to be hit and then hit back; he draws upon those many experiences of his past. When he types on his keyboard about going hungry, or being freezing cold, or broke, or deathly sick and alone, he is writing that scene with a past recollection in mind.

Research is one thing, but having ‘been there’ is quite another.